Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air and we all know what that means….spring cleaning! With this nice weather finally hitting the LC Valley, I am sure we are all thinking about cleaning up the outside, deep cleaning the inside, and exchanging winter toys for spring and summer items. If you are feeling the cleaning bug as well, check out these articles for a few tips on making your spring cleaning an enjoyable experience.

6 Budget Hacks for Spring Cleaning 


The Definitive Guide to Make Spring Cleaning Easier



Is a Fixer-Upper a Good Idea?

Should I buy a house that needs little more work than most, just so I can save some money? Most people have thought about this at some time in their home buying career. There are some major things to consider when thinking about buying a fixer-upper. Check out this article for some advice!

Should you buy a fixer-upper?


Good News on Mortgages

In most current news articles, there has been a positive outlook for mortgages. Articles are stating that foreclosure rates have dropped to a new low, along with positive changes to the rules regarding mortgages. These are just a couple of articles talking about the subject. Check them out if you have time!

What the new mortgage rules mean for you by Les Christie. January 10, 2014



Foreclosures drop to lowest level in 7 years by Blake Ellis. December 12, 2013


Simple Updates that can Freshen up a House

Homeowners are always talking about their next project or remodel. Do you want to remodel or freshen up a room in your home but just don’t have the time? Do you want a project that makes a difference but doesn’t require a long time to complete? Here are a couple of simple updates to freshen up your home without spending months on a project.

1. Buff and finish hardwood floors for a completely new look!

Buff Up Those Hardwood Floors so it’s a Selling Point That Shines


2. Paint a room or even a wall. Giving a room a fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feeling of a room. However, if you’re going to paint, you need to do it right! Check out this article for tips:

Before You Paint a Room, Here are Some Must-do Prep Work by Melissa Tracey


Home Improvements for Winter

Even though it’s too cold to do outside home improvements, there are always things to improve the inside of a home. These articles both list a few easy fixes/projects that will get you off of the couch and give you something to do!

6 Winter Home improvements to Get You off the Couch January 2, 2013

by Christine Bilger


10 Great Winter Home Projects

by Leah Culler


Remodeling the Kitchen

It’s that time of year again, the Holidays! With all of the cooking required for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the proper amount of space is important in order to cook with ease! Kitchens are one of the most remodeled spaces in a house, and this article from realtor.org gives some good ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Wishing you a happy holiday season,

Joe and Michele Arellano, Quad Cities Realty

8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers by Melissa Tracey, November 4, 2013


The Holidays are Here!

With the holidays upon us, along comes the daunting task of decorating. However, despite the pretty lights and creative decorations, there can be many disasters as well. Check out this article from realtor.com to see some tips to help make your holiday decorating a little safer.

Safe Holiday Decorating by Leland Edward Stone


Reducing Energy Use in Your Home

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has several tips for reducing energy in your home. Such as:

  • sealing and insulating
  • Regular maintenance on the heating and cooling system
  • Heat only the parts of the home that are in use
  • and many many more tips!

Check out the website for the full list of recommendations and illustrations.


Looking for Fire Pit Ideas?

This DIY website features a bunch of great ideas for do it yourself projects. This article presents a lot of different ideas for outdoor fire pit arrangements. Everything from making a fire pit the new focal point, to incorporating a seating arrangement into your current layout.

“66 Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace Ideas”

By Watson Hawkins October 17, 2013


Some Simple Weekend Fixes

Even though it’s Monday, according to CNN Money, there are a few simple weekend fixes that help to maintain a home. These repairs are quick, easy, and inexpensive to carry out.

Small home repair jobs with a big payoff by Josh Garskof